Wedding Special Effects Guide

Posted on January 10 2019

Wedding Special Effects Guide

With valentines day coming up we thought we'd talk weddings, what our top 5 wedding special effects are how we can achieve them and where you can have them in your venue.

There are a few points during your wedding reception that we regularly use special effects these are the arrival of bride & groom, cake cutting, the first dance, during the disco / band and not forgetting Entrances & Drive aways. Make your wedding photos pintrest worthy with our effects.

Confetti and Confetti Cannons
Most people think of confetti being used outside the church, we often supply loose confetti or even confetti cannons for this use but we mostly provide confetti for the wedding reception. The first dance is the perfect time to shower the bride and groom with confetti, whether its your bridesmaids and groomsmen firing handheld confetti cannons or a swirl fan rigged above the dance floor dropping a continuous flow of confetti this always makes for beautiful photos and videos. 

Heart wedding confetti cannonsFirst Dance Confetti

Our most popular request is for spark jets (gerbs) during the arrival of the bride and groom then again during the first dance or the cutting or the cake.

We can do this with traditional pyrotechnics or now with Sparkulars, these are a regulate-able cool spark effect which can create a columns of glittering silver sparks up to 5m high and be turned on and off by our technicians making them safe and keeping your venue happy! 

Wedding Waterfallwedding pyrotechnics

Low Smoke
Who doesn't want to start their night of dancing by having your first dance on a cloud of low smoke, lights will swoosh over it making it glow and swirl around your wedding dress like your on strictly come dancing! We have different machines depending on the size of your venue but I think you'll agree the low hugging fog always looks spectacular and makes for gorgeous pictures to cherish for years to come. Teamed up with Sparkulars the fog will hide the units and during the song will start up creating a true surprise for your guests making this a real wow moment.

Wedding Low Smoke EffectLow Smoke

CO2 Guns
Not everyone wants a traditional wedding, say you met at a rock concert or love festivals and you want to bring that vibe to your wedding reception. We supply our CO2 Guns for weddings giving the bride and groom a chance to have some fun spraying CO2 around during a DJ set being the center of the stage is awesome! CO2 Guns and jets provide a loud noise and instant dissipating cloud of CO2 which is very cold helping keep the temperature down while your guests are dancing. 

Fireworks Displays & outdoor pyrotechnics
Now fireworks aren't always allowed at all venues but this doesn't mean you have to rule everything out. Before we get to full scale fireworks displays we haven't accounted for entrances and drive away effects, often weddings reception venues don't have the space for a fireworks display, have grumpy neighbors or livestock to worry about. With a pyrotechnic drive away there are no noise issues no cables or wires we drop the pyro on the drive away route and start each piece as the car slowly drives by sending you off in style. 

Pyrotechnic Driveaway

We have provided some beautiful wedding fireworks displays, some as total surprises to the bride and wedding reception all planned by the groom and others choreographed to the couples favourite song including all their favourite colours topped off with some heart shaped fireworks to finish. All of our fireworks displays are totally bespoke to your event we don't offer standard packages as we believe your display should be unique. 

Wedding Fireworksheart fireworks

People think adding special effects into a wedding is going to cost the earth, we disagree and have a wide range of effects to suit most budgets from handheld confetti cannons starting at £6.00 and CO2 Guns from £50 you can add a lot to your wedding for a small cost. Or you can go all out and really blow your guests away with a 'full SFX Package' up to a fireworks display its really up to you and your budget. We will always recommend the best effects to make the most of your money with repeatable effects that can be used multiple times where possible.

Planning a wedding is stressful with having to handle multiple suppliers adding in pyrotechnics to the mix can make any venue shudder, that's where we come in. We can liaise with your venue to ensure they are happy on the day knowing that what we are bringing is safe, when we work on a wedding we provide our experienced qualified technicians who will provide the venue with a risk assessment and use of all of our effects is covered under our insurance.

We love hearing from couples and wedding planners about effects for upcoming weddings if you have any ideas or if you've seen pictures on pintrest send them to us and we can work to recreate the look for you.

To book us for your wedding contact us here or call 0800 233 5353 

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