Custom Cut & Printed Confetti

Posted on April 05 2019

Printed Confetti

We love confetti, it puts everyone in a great mood its fun and pretty. If your lucky your brand or event colours perfectly match one of our standard colours of confetti. But what if you want more than that?

Set your brand or event apart from the rest, why not have your own brand of custom printed confetti with your logo or design.


You can have your own custom confetti on rectangular or round confetti in full colour with you within 1-2 weeks with order sizes starting at 10 kilos we are making it more affordable than ever. Our printed confetti is the same standard as all our other confetti being fully flame retardant.

Standard Shape Printed Confetti
We can offer the following sizes of printed confetti with a 1-2 week lead time in either single or full colour. 

Paper Confetti 55x17mm
Paper Bank Notes 150x75mm
Paper Confetti Rounds 55mm


Custom Shape Confetti
If you have a bit more time before you require your confetti we can also provide custom cut paper shapes as a plain single colour or offer it printed too. We can provide custom cut confetti at a Min. size of Ø50mm & max size Ø100mm, this has a 4 week lead time.

Custom Metallic Shapes
We often get asked for printed metallic confetti, sadly that's not something that we can offer due to the nature of the metallic material. But we can offer custom cut shapes between 40mm & 100mm with a 5-7 week lead time again with only a 10kg minimum order.


If you have an idea for your next event get in touch for a no obligation quote just email us HERE

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