Graduation Leavers Ceremony Confetti Effects

Posted on July 17 2018

Graduation Leavers Ceremony Confetti Effects

Graduation is a big moment in life whether its school, college or university its a milestone to celebrate. Our client chose confetti for their school leavers ceremony, after years of doing balloon releases they wanted something a bit different and a surprise for the staff and students at the college. 

We provided 5 stadium shots with wireless packs loaded with paper confetti in their school house colours which were rolled out behind where the girls stood for their leavers photos. After a countdown the stadium shots fired launching confetti over the students towards onlooking parents and teachers creating a beautiful rainbow confetti haze.

The effect looked stunning and vibrant, the reaction from everyone was priceless from the shock of them going off to the joy of realising its confetti, once the official photos were done the girls all spent a long time taking extra selfies with the confetti once it had landed.  


Confetti Rainbow


Photo copyright Downe House School, if you'd like something similar please get in touch!

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