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MagicFX SparXtar New Product

It's finally here! MagicFX SparXtar Fountain

After seeing the first prototype at We are FX in Holland in 2017 MagicFX have launched their SparXtar cool spark machine. 

We know you have all been waiting a long time, so have we but we believe the wait is worth it for a safe quality and reliable spark fountain system! 

The SparXtar can produce sparks from 2-5m and can hold enough powder to run for 10 minutes, it can also be tilted giving you options on the angles you run the system at. Being a MagicFX product they also have a 3 year European warranty. 

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Custom Cut & Printed Confetti

We love confetti, it puts everyone in a great mood its fun and pretty. If your lucky your brand or event colours perfectly match one of our standard colours of confetti. But what if you want more than that?

Set your brand or event apart from the rest, why not have your own brand of custom printed confetti with your logo or design.

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Oh!FX Special Effects Equipment

Those of you who subscribe to our newsletter will already know that we have a new supplier with some super awesome new special effects kit for you to purchase. We have teamed up with Oh!FX to provide some wicked effects for our customers in areas we haven't previously supplied. Read more +

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