T-Shirt Gun Cannon Hire

Hire from £65.00 per week

  • Product Description

      The Micro-Mini T-Shirt Cannon is under 4lbs and is perfect for short range action, portability and easy reload. These amazing quality american handheld T-Shirt guns are ready for hire here in the UK. 

      We've had T-shirt guns on hire for all types of events from 5k runs, corporate awards events, gigs and tours to weddings, birthdays and sporting events all using T-Shirt guns to interact with their guests or crowds.


      How far can the T-Shirt Gun Launch?

      Offering One-Button Operation, no external hoses or rigging, and distances up to 150ft (45m), the Micro-Mini™ is an easy to use option using CO2 to operate. Perfect for use on events such as corporate events, trade shows and concerts, small sporting events and festivals. Need something bigger? Try our Pro T-shirt gun hire. 


      How many shots can I get from one T-Shirt Gun Cylinder?

      This depends on how far you want to fire your T-Shirts and the pressure they are fired at. The further you fire, the more pressure you need and the fewer shots you will get from one cylinder. If you fired using full pressure shots, one CO2 cylinder will fire approx 15 shots from a Micro Mini. You can then simply unscrew the empty cylinder and replace with a full one and you’re ready to go again.


      * NOTE ALL CO2 canisters are shipped EMPTY. You will need to source CO2 locally before operating your launcher. We can provide all information on what and where alongside the fill rig to use on the day.


      Whats included in the T-Shirt Gun Hire?

      Our hire rates are based on a 1 week hire of the Micro Mini T-Shirt Gun including a T-Shirt Gun Cylinder and a fill rig.

      Please call us on 0800 233 53 53 for bespoke/long-term hire quotes.

  • Price based on a 1 week hire.

    Please Contact us for hire availability, alternate options and shipping costs.