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If you are looking for the very best in loose confetti supplies at affordable prices, then you'll find what you are looking for here.


We have over 140 types of confetti available to order including some UK exclusive colours! We have no minimum orders so can cater for any sized event and offer discounts for bulk confetti orders. 

Our confetti products come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and colours packed in polybags ready to load up for your show. We have a wide range of paper confetti  and metallic confetti available in stock in the UK with next day delivery available, as a trade store all of our confetti is certified flame retardant giving you peace of mind for your next event. 


Looking to stock up for a large event or tour? Your in the right place, we offer bulk discounts for large orders If you have any questions please call us on 0800 233 5353.


We also offer custom cut confetti designed to your specification if you can't find the exact shape / colour you are after contact us. Or  if your looking for a great brand experience check out our printed confetti with your own design or logo.

Printed Confetti

Printed Confetti

£0.00 ex vat

10x10mm Confetti Snow

Paper Snow Confetti

from £9.81 ex vat

Paper Petal Confetti - Red

Paper Petal Shape Confetti Ø55mm

from £14.00 ex vat £15.30

Pink Petals Box

Blossom Petal Confetti Ø33mm

from £15.00 ex vat

Twister Confetti

Twister Confetti

£16.09 ex vat

Multicolour Confetti

Metallic Confetti Rectangles

from £16.52 ex vat

UV Paper Confetti Green

UV Paper Confetti

£17.28 ex vat £21.58

Metallic Confetti Stars - Gold

Metallic Confetti Stars Ø55mm

£19.77 ex vat £21.58

Metallic Confetti Circles - Gold

Metallic Confetti Circles Ø 55 mm

£19.77 ex vat £21.58

Red Confetti Hearts

Metallic Confetti Hearts Ø55mm

£19.77 ex vat £21.58

Gold Flower Confetti

Metallic Confetti Flowers Ø 55 mm

£19.77 ex vat £21.58

Gold Butterfly Confetti

Metallic Confetti Butterflies Ø55mm

£19.77 ex vat £21.58

Gold Laser Confetti

Laser Metallic Confetti Rectangles

£19.77 ex vat £21.58

Paper Bat Confetti

Bat Shaped Paper Confetti

£21.70 ex vat


Paper Confetti Leaves

£21.70 ex vat

Paper Confetti Airbursts

Paper Confetti Airbursts

£23.52 ex vat