Handheld Confetti/Streamer Cannons

SFX Supplies has a wide range of handheld confetti and streamer cannons. Our handheld cannons have the same power as our electric confetti cannons but are fired by the twist of the base, providing the same professional confetti effect from a handheld unit

We stock 3 sizes of handheld confetti cannons with a range from 4m up to 12m for confetti and up to 5m for streamers

28cm confetti cannons are ideal for small events such as weddings, baby showers, birthdays or any event with a low ceiling height

The 50cm & 80cm handheld cannons are used for larger events on stage, in theatres and are a favourite for DJ's

We provide bespoke filled cannons e.g. red, white and blue confetti. You can select a mix of 2 colours via our website therefore for all other fills please contact us

These confetti cannons are single use, one shot effect

Our confetti is colour fast, non conductive and fire retardant (DIN4102-1 CLASS B1) 
MagicFX paper confetti is biodegradable

If you have any questions please call us on 0800 233 5353

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Snow Confetti Cannon
From £6.13 - £10.34
Halloween Confetti Cannon
From £8.12 - £11.42