Confetti Cannons

SFX Supplies hold a huge stock of Professional Electric Confetti Cannons and Handheld Confetti Cannons in sizes ranging from 28cm to 80cm with outputs up to 12m for confetti and 25m for streamers.

All of our confetti cannons handheld or electric have the same great output, the only difference is how you fire them. The handhelds are fired by a firm twist of the base of the cannon which launches the confetti. We also have a range of confetti cannon firing equipment available to hire which enable you to launch your confetti remotely or many devices at once to create the perfect effect for your event.

Our confetti cannons are different to the ones you might find on eBay or in party shops, they have a bigger gas cartridge producing a larger effect and are filled with more confetti plus the quality of the confetti is higher as it's colour fast and fire retardant. 

Our confetti cannons are a single use one shot effect.

If you have any questions please call us on 0800 233 5353.

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