CO2 Special Effects

SFX Supplies and Hire have a vast range of CO2 Special Effects equipment to purchase including CO2 Jets, CO2 Guns and CO2 Confetti Blasters in kits plus accessories to expand your current CO2 kit or get you started

We offer the very best in CO2 special effects, sourcing kit from the best European suppliers with 3 year warranties, spectacular outputs and a wide variety of accessories

If you need bespoke lengths of hose or cabling get in touch as we can price up bespoke kits for venue installs or tours. We provide kits for world tours, our CO2 Kits will fit European cylinders as standard plus we have adaptors which enable European kit to fit USA cylinders and vice versa

If you have any questions about any of our CO2 products please call us on 0800 233 5353 or Contact Us Here

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CO2 Cylinder Doubler
From £79.50 - £149.16
CO2 Cylinder Splitter
From £49.50 - £120.83
CO2 Gas Trolley
From £279.00 - £326.40
ForceFX CO2 Gun Kit
From £280.33 - £317.83
ForceFX CO2 Jet Kit
From £1,781.32 - £3,663.54
ForceFX Cryo Jet II CO2 Jet
From £547.50 - £579.00
Hurricane CO2 & Confetti Gun
From £1,095.00 - £1,321.00
MagicFX CO2 Gun Kit
From £529.85 - £602.87
MagicFX CO2 Jet Kit
From £2,696.92 - £5,566.58
PowerCON/True1 Cables
From £40.37 - £86.90