Summer CO2 Special Effects

Posted on April 17 2018

Summer CO2 Special Effects

CO2 Jets, cannons and handheld CO2 Guns have become an outdoor event and festival staple as an effective way of giving the crowd a buzz during and event by hitting the drop of a song with a blast of loud cold CO2 either over your crowd or on stage. 

CO2 Jet Kit Hire - From £150

CO2 Jets are found on most large festivals and now smaller stages, they are quick and easy to rig but give a high output effect creating amazing memories for guests and brilliant photos to advertise your event for years to come.

We have a wide range of CO2 Jet Kits available to dry hire for your event with everything you need to run them on your event with either base plates for floor mounting or truss clamps. Our kits aren't set in stone we can mix and match cables and hoses to suit your needs. We can also include CO2 cylinder doublers to save you changing over cylinders during your event. Our CO2 Jet kits can fit into your current system as they can come with true one or powercon power outlets to allow you to daisy chain into your system.

CO2 Gun Kit Hire - From £50

Our CO2 Gun hire kits are a cost effect way of giving your event a boost by giving dancers, performers or DJs a handheld CO2 Gun they can interact with the audience and other performers to enhance your event.

CO2 Confetti Blaster Kit Hire - From £125

No summer event is complete without a confetti hit! Our CO2 Confetti blasters combine two of our favourite effects CO2 and confetti to create an unholy blast of confetti. Our CO2 Blasters can launch up to 10-15kg of confetti 25m per minute per machine! These units can be used with vapor or liquid CO2 Cylinders, with the liquid cylinders you will also get the big white CO2 plume or without with the vapor cylinder.

We also have a huge stock of loose confetti ready for your event, whether its standard rectangles, shapes or bespoke printed confetti we have something to suit your theme. We can offer bulk discounted rates on orders over 20kg get in touch with us to find out more! 

 Need Ideas? We Can Help!

If you have an upcoming event but don't know what effects will best suit your budget and needs please get in touch and one of our team will be able to help and send you across a quote 0800 233 5353.

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