Confetti Balloons

Posted on January 30 2018

Confetti Balloons

At SFX Supplies we don't just supply amazing effects for live events and theatres, we also supply a number of event decor companies and balloon companies confetti to create fantastic confetti balloons. Our confetti is available in 1kg bags in a variety of shapes and sizes in paper and metallic colours giving us 140 different colours and types to suit every need. Confetti Balloons have become more popular over the last year for event decoration, PR engagement, gender reveals and for private events. Our bulk confetti enables companies the ease of buying multiple colours ready to create a bespoke mix for their brand or event. 

Our most popular confetti to fill balloons is our powderfetti which is perfect for smaller balloons with tiny 6x6 brightly coloured squares, we have recently expanded this range with 5 new metallic raindrop colours to meet the needs of our customers including the hugely popular rose gold confetti.

After many requests we have bought metallic rose gold into our confetti range in butterflies, 20mm rounds and 6x6 squares alongside standard rectangles all to suit the balloon markets needs.

Alongside our standard colours and shapes we offer 2 bespoke confetti services. the first we offer is printed confetti allowing you to fill a balloon with your company logo/ design or a message. The second is a bespoke cut where by you can send us a design or shape IE pumpkin and we could have it cut for you, there are minimum quantities required and is certified flameproof, colour fast and non-conductive.

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