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ForceFX EC-2 Controller
ForceFX EC-2 Controller
ForceFX EC-2 Controller
ForceFX EC-2 Controller ForceFX EC-2 Controller ForceFX EC-2 Controller

ForceFX EC-2 Controller

The ForceFX EC-2 230v effect controller is ideal for controlling any kind of effect that needs a momentary power feed to fire.


Designed specifically to be used for professional shows and events, the EC-2 is the most compact fully featured 2 channel controller on the market, but don't let it's size fool you, its built for the job and is equally at home in a DJ booth or on long term tour.


Matched to ForceFX CO2 Jets this is the perfect controller for when simplicity is required or when DMX is not an option. It's also the ideal controller for confetti cannons and with two channels you can easily deploy your effects to either side of the stage.


The EC2 special effects controller is designed for firing special effects, with 2 individually selectable channels and a separate firing button to fire one or a both channels at once. Another favorite safety feature is the bulgin key used for arming the controller which can be removed stopping any effects being used when you don't want or when a technician isnt on site, perfect for clubs and bars.


EC2 Special Effects Controller Specifications

  • British built
  • Low reflection matt black steel casing.
  • 230v mains input via Neutrik Powercon socket.
  • Standard 13 amp* to Neutrick Powercon mains lead included
  • Illuminated power switch
  • 10 amp resettable circuit breaker
  • Relay protected
  • 2 channel system
  • Illuminated channel select rocker switches 
  • Neutrik Powercon or TrueONE channel outlets
  • High quality key switch (key only removable in the safe position)
  • Red neon 'armed' indicator
  • Fire button that fires either or both selected channels (Momentary)
  • Latching fire button available as a no cost option
  • Compact dimensions. Only 75mm(H*)x110mm(W)x172mm(L)  *80mm(H) including fire button.

    *16 amp version also available


If you have any questions just call us on 0800 233 53 53 to have a chat about how our controllers can fit into your existing SFX system. Or contact us here!

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