Stage Mines (20-35ft)

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  • Product Description

      The ProStage II Stage Mine propels a fantastic shower of shimmering coloured stars with or without a silver tail, creating a directional explosion of colour.

      Available in several colours as well as bi-coloured and tri-coloured mixes.

      Most make minimal noise, but the Crackle effect introduce an extra dimension with randomly bursting stars creating a series of small bangs.


      • 20ft Stage Mines: 15-20'(H) x 15'(W)
      • 25ft Stage Mines: 20-25'(H) x 15'(W)
      • 30ft Stage Mines: 25-30'(H) x 15'(W)
      • 35ft Stage Mines: 30-35'(H) x 15'(W)

      20' Stage Mines with tails made to order.


      1 Box contains 10 Mines

      Please note these are a professional effect, due to controls in place over supply and transport of some of these devices, please compile your purchase requirements and email to us with a daytime telephone number.

      We will call you to make appropriate arrangements for delivery and payment.