Sparkular Controller

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  • Product Description

      Sparkulars can be controlled via DMX, but by far the easiest way of running them is with their dedicated Sparkular Controller. The Sparkular controller can regulate the height and duration of up to 18 units alongside giving you easy to use preset chases and the ability to create custom sequences on the fly. 

      The Sparkular controller shows you when all the units are heated and ready to use, the chase sequences show with an LED display. 

      The controller can be powered from 220V AC or from its internal rechargeable battery, making the unit very portable. Syncronisation is also possible using SMPTE Time Code & Midi Time Code.


      Sparkular Controller Specifications:

      Dimensions: 390mm x 300mm x 110mm
      Weight: 3.3kg
      Working Power:  5w
      Working Temperature: ​Between -20°C to 70°C
      Ports: 2 Communication ports for Slave Controllers
      USB, MIDI & Media Ports (for Musical Synchronisation), DMX 512, Ethernet
      Working Lifetime: > 5 Years
      ​Firing Cues: 3,000 
      Firing Effect Modes: 6
      No. of Controllable Units: 18 
      Display: LED display for monitoring all Sparkular Units
      Additional Power: Battery for standby power
      ​Safety: Emergency Stop Function 

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