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Short Duration Gerb/Jet

Short Duration Gerb/Jet

A Gerb effect produces plumes of silver sparks of varying height and duration, shoot up to create a glittering effect.

The first number shows the burn time (in seconds) and the second number shows the height (in feet). The height is defined as the top of the main plume, some sparks will go higher.

For example: a 1/4 x 20 is a gerb of 1/4 of a second duration that reaches a height of 20ft. 

1 Box contains 10 Le Maitre Stage Gerbs

Please note these are a professional effect, due to controls in place over supply and transport of some of these devices, please compile your purchase requirements and email to us with a daytime telephone number.

We will call you to make appropriate arrangements for delivery and payment.

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