Scotty II Fog Machine

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  • Product Description

      Compact and mobile fog machine. Battery Operated.

      The Scotty II Fog machine is a battery operated portable fog machine. 
      No pre-heat time needed. It is a small fog machine equipped with a 12V lead gel battery with 400 watts of fog power. 

      The Scotty II Fog Machine can be carried in one hand and fog released at a push of a button. 

      The small 250ml tank is directly attached to the device and delivers fluid for 25mins on full. 
      Battery lasts for 10mins continuous fog or 150 fog shocks of 5 seconds each. Battery can be changed in seconds. 

      Perfect for adding smoke to a Photoshoot or TV & Film. 

      Uses Scotty II Fog Fluid

      Scotty II Fog Machine Specifications:

      400 Watt
      12V 50-60 A via battery (charger 100 - 240V)
      Permanent fog: 10 minutes, thick fog at 100%
      Start up: 1 second
      Fluid Consumption: 10ml per minute at max output
      Control: Analogue 0-10V, DMX 512, Manual, 3pin XLR socket
      Weight/Dimensions: 5,75 kg | 22 x 10 x 21 cm (incl. battery)