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Mortar Hits

Mortar Hits

An instantaneous large bright yellow fireball and a deep or extra deep bang followed by a rolling ball of smoke and flame.

Ideal for Rock'n' Roll concerts as well as explosive simulations for TV and film.

The Mortar Hit Mini is also available and perfect for creating the same effect in smaller venues.


  • Mortar Hit: 15'(H) x 7'(W)
  • Mortar Hit With Report: 20'(H) x 10'(W)
  • Mini: 6-8'(H) x 3'(W)


  • Mortar Hit: Max 100-115dB (at 8m/24' outdoors).
  • Mortar Hit With Report: Max 120dB (at 10m/30' outdoors)
  • Mini: Max 80dB (at 8m/24' outdoors)

1 Box contains 1 Mortar Hit
1 Box contains 10 Mortar Hit Minis

Please note these are a professional effect, due to controls in place over supply and transport of some of these devices, please compile your purchase requirements and email to us with a daytime telephone number. 



We will call you to make appropriate arrangements for delivery and payment.