Micro Mines

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  • Product Description

      The Micro Mine is a mini version of the Prostage II Stage Mine, and the smallest effect available in the range.

      It is particularly suitable for small venues or those with a lower ceiling height.

      The Micro Mine propels a shower of shimmering coloured stars to a height of approximately 3 to 4 metres. 

      - MICRO MINE RED - PP372
      - MICRO MINE GREEN - PP373
      - MICRO MINE WHITE - PP374
      - MICRO MINE BLUE - PP375
      - MICRO MINE AMBER - PP412

      Use with a PSII Micro Mine Holder. 

      1 Box contains 12 Mines

      Please note these are a professional effect, due to controls in place over supply and transport of some of these devices, please compile your purchase requirements and email to us with a daytime telephone number.

      We will call you to make appropriate arrangements for delivery and payment.