Metallic Confetti Raindrops 6x6mm

£23.35 Ex VAT & Shipping Costs

Silver Metallic Confetti
Gold Metallic Confetti
Black Metallic Confetti
Orange Metallic Confetti
Red Metallic Confetti
Green Metallic Confetti
Blue Metallic Confetti
Pink Metallic Confetti
Rose Gold Metallic Confetti
Purple Metallic Confetti
Light Blue Metallic Confetti Squares
Multicolour Metallic Confetti
Bulk Pack All 11 Colours
  • Product Description

      Metallic Confetti Squares are made of the best quality Mylar PVC.  Flameproof, colour fast and non-conductive it gives a fabulous glitter effect for any event. Our confetti raindrops give a beautiful glitter effect with tiny falling metallic squares when dropped from a swirl fan or fied from confetti cannons.

      This Confetti is compatible with any of our confetti machines and can also be used for decoration, as a table scatter or to throw by hand. This Confetti is best suited in a long duration effect such as a swirl fan or a confetti blaster to create a rain effect.

      Another popular use for this confetti is to use it as table scatter confetti for retail displays or filled into confetti balloons for decoration.

      Certified flameproof, colour fast and non-conductive it gives a fabulous glitter effect for any event. 


      Material: Metallic Mylar squares
      6x6mm Raindrop Squares in 1kg bags
      Colours Include: Silver 6mm Squares, Gold 6mm Squares, Pink 6mm Squares, Green 6mm Squares, Red 6mm Squares, Blue 6mm Squares, Rose Gold 6mm Squares, Multi 6mm Squares, Purple 6mm Squares

      Bulk pack includes:  Rose Gold, Gold, Silver, Green, Blue, Light Blue, Pink, Purple, Red, Bronze, Black

      If you have any questions or want to place a bulk order please call us on 0800 233 5353.

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