MagicFX Power Shot II

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  • Product Description

      Made by top European manufacturer MagicFX, the Power Shot II is a revised version of the classic professional electric air cannon system designed for stage, show and event use. The new Powershot is a smaller unit and has a new cannon plug system reducing the need for the confetti cannon clamps. Angling all your cannons the same is a breeze with the new angle indicator and rigging outdoors is possible with all new Trueone plugs making the unit rainproof.

      Designed to fire pre-filled single use Power Shot confetti or streamer cartridges, this system offers both flexibility and the fastest cartridge replenishment available, making it ideal for multi-shot use during a single event and perfect for installation in night clubs where technical staff are not always on-site. 

      Each disposable Power Shot cartridge contains a pressurised nitrogen charge for a powerful and professional effect. 


      MagicFX Powershot Specifications:

      Size (LxWxH) 19 x 9 x 12,6 cm
      Weight (KG) 1,9
      Voltage 220-250 Vac / 50-60 Hz
      Power Max. 100 W
      Control Direct on-off
      Consumption Electric Cannons
      Warranty 3 years!

      Optional Extras: Powershot II transport case for 4x units and cables.

      Standard delivery 1-3 weeks OR express delivery 2-3 days service at additional cost. Call 0800 233 5353 for more information.