Antari DNG Low Smoke Generator Hire

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  • Product Description

      Antari DNG 200 Low Fog Machine Hire

      The Antari DNG 200 is one of the biggest low smoke generators on the market, it requires no dry ice, CO2 or pesky ice cubes to create a thick flowing low fog effect. The DNG 200 has its own refrigerator unit built in which chills the smoke creating a tight floor hugging low smoke effect without any of the hassles of CO2 or dry ice. Because of this its a very quiet low smoke effect that can be run from the unit with no DMX if desired. This is a great machine for touring as it comes fitted into its own road case for easy manoeuvring on stage and fits neatly in trucks. Unlike other refrigerator low smoke machines it runs from 2x 16amp power supplies, so no need for three-phase power. Just attach the flexible trunking and heat up in 12 minutes before its ready for use, it can be used via the controls built into the unit or via DMX.

      Antari DNG 200 Low Smoke Specifications:

      • Low noise, ideal for TV & Film work
      • Output : 28,000 cu.ft/min
      • First Heat-Up Time : 12 min
      • Tank Capacity : 10 liter
      • Fluid Consumption Rate : 100ml / min (100% output) 
      • Weight : 120 Kg

      Fluid: Low Smoke Fluid

  • Price based on a 1 week hire.

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