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  • Product Description

      The Viper S is a 650 watt fog machine. Its small size makes it ideal for tight and harder to reach installations, while maintaining a significant output. The Viper S has an unobtrusive 750ml fluid reservoir tucked underneath the machine’s body. It has variable output that can be finely controlled, down to a whisper of smoke. It has a built in timer and DMX interface.

      This fog generator with 650 W and a powerful output of approx. 8 metres. The Viper S is made for smaller stages and Clubs. Due to its compact design and light weight, the machine can also be assembled for mobile use. The Viper S is characterised by a low power and fluid consumption but a powerful output. Therefore, operating costs are low and the Viper S is energy saving without cutting back the output. Equipped with all features and the usual reliability of the whole Viper range, the Viper S is an inexpensive alternative to bigger machines. 


      Look Solutions Viper S Smoke Machine Specifications

      Procedure: vaporizing fog generator

      Power requirement: 650 Watt Voltage: 120 V/60 Hz

      Fluid consumption: 2.0 oz/min at max (59.14 ml). output 0.5 oz/min (14.78 ml) at continuous output - 1 litre provides 16-17 minutes use & 5 litres provides 1hr 24 mins

      Fluid tank capacity: 25.3 oz (748.21 ml)

      Fog output: adjustable in 99 steps, in steps of 1% the output can be adjusted from 0 – 99%.

      Output projection: max. 26.2 ft (approx. 8 metres)

      Fogging time: at 100% output: approx. 35 sec. at < 50% output: continuous output

      Control: DMX 512 (5 pin), 0 -10 V analogue, Timer, Stand alone mode, Radio remote (option) & XLR-remote (option)

      Power: PowerCon True1 to 13, 15 or 16 amp

      Temperature control: Microprocessor controlled

      Overheating protection: Heater block with thermostat pump with temperature switch

      Dimensions (L x W x H): 34.8 x 17.8 x 19.05 cm

      Weight without tank: 5.8kg

      Fluid: Global Deluxe 

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