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80cm uv streamer cannon

Handheld UV Streamer Cannon 80cm

These Handheld UV Streamer Cannons are identical in every way to our professional Power Shot Electric Cannons, except that these are fired by a twist of the base rather than a controller.
So now you can get the same great professional effect without the need for wiring or control heads, making our handheld cannons perfect for being fired from areas where you simply can mount a fixed confetti cannon, be that from behind a nightclub bar or for that special surprise effect that you don't want your audience to see coming.

They are capable of launching Streamers up to 20m, these are a self contained& pre-filled one use cannons. Flameproof, colour fast and non-conductive our streamer cannons give a striking effect for any event. 

These cannons can be supplied pre-filled with multicoloured UV streamer colours perfect for UV Parties & events. Please ensure to pierce the film top before firing to ensure the best effect.

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