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Ex Hire ForceFX CO2 Jets

Ex Hire ForceFX CO2 Jets

CO2 Jets are an effect that everyone loves, on stage, at a festival, in a club, or simply to cool down a great night. They simply are one of the most spectacular effects money can buy.

Specifications Include:

  • British made from UK and European sourced components.
  • Full-Flow 10mm (3/8) Solenoid valves for maximum performance.
  • Low profile compact casing with full matt black low reflection finish.
  • Chamfered baseplate for easy truss mounting.
  • Neutrik Powercon Connectors for secure cabling.
  • Low Power Consumption 230v coil (with 110v and 24v versions to order).
  • 50mm fast discharge nozzle as standard.
  • 3 Year warranty with complimentary 1st Year next working day advance replacement.
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