Coloured Starbursts

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  • Product Description

      A new type of Airburst that produce a flash of light and project stars in all directions.

      Available in blue; green; red; white; amber as well as shimmer, and flitter.

      Designed to be suspended from a lighting truss. Available with a harnesses in some colours.

        STARBURST SMALL (8-12ft) GOLD STROBE - PP437
        STARBURST SMALL (8-12ft) BLUE - PP540
        STARBURST SMALL (8-12ft) GREEN - PP541
        STARBURST SMALL (8-12ft) RED - PP542
        STARBURST SMALL (8-12ft) WHITE - PP543
        STARBURST SMALL (8-12ft) ORANGE - PP1382
        STARBURST SMALL (8-12ft) PINK - PP1383
        STARBURST SMALL (8-12ft) PURPLE - PP1384
        STARBURST SMALL (8-12ft) SILVER - PP1385
        STARBURST SMALL (8-12ft) YELLOW - PP1386
        STARBURST SMALL (8-12ft) FLITTER - PP439
        STARBURST MEDIUM (15-18ft) GOLD STROBE - PP066
        STARBURST MEDIUM (15-18ft) FLITTER - PP440

        1 Box contains 12 Starbursts (Starbursts on Harness available on request)

        Please note these are a professional effect, due to controls in place over supply and transport of some of these devices, please compile your purchase requirements and email to us with a daytime telephone number.

        We will call you to make appropriate arrangements for delivery and payment.

        Coloured Starbursts are category T2 products therefore you will need to prove you are qualified as a person with specialist knowledge in T2 theatrical pyrotechnic articles in order to purchase these products.