Antari Ice Low Fog Machine Hire

Hire from £50.00 per week

  • Product Description

      Low Smoke Machine Hire

      The Antari Ice is a professional unit for creating low smoke, Featuring a smoke machine and cooler in one single unit.
      The unit operates by the smoke flowing through the chilled chamber with ice cubes meaning there is no dry ice or CO2 involved, creating a thick low smoke. Ideal for dance floors, theatres & weddings. Our Smoke machines are available for hire as full kits ready for use you just need to add ice!

      Low Fog Specifications:

      Output: 8000 Cubic feet/minute
      Tank capacity: 2.5 L
      Fluid Consumption Rate : 40 min / liter
      Heater: 1040 W
      Dimensions: 617 x 355 x 359 mm 
      Gross weight: 28,6 kg
      Net weight: 24,4 kg
  • Price based on a 1 week hire.

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