Antari Ice Low Fog Machine Hire

Hire from £50.00 per week

  • Product Description

      Low Smoke Machine Hire

      The Antari Ice is a professional unit for creating low smoke, featuring a smoke machine and cooler in one single unit.
      The unit operates by the smoke flowing through the chilled chamber with ice cubes, creating a thick low smoke. There is no dry ice or CO2 involved. Ideal for dance floors, theatres & weddings. Our Smoke machines are available for hire as full kits ready for use, you just need to add ice and fluid!

      Low Fog Specifications:

      Output: 8000 Cubic feet/minute
      Tank capacity: 2.5 L
      Fluid Consumption Rate : 40 min / liter
      Heater: 1040 W
      Dimensions: 617 x 355 x 359 mm 
      Gross weight: 28,6 kg
      Net weight: 24,4 kg
  • Price based on a 1 week hire.

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