1 Channel CO2 Controller with Timer

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  • Product Description

      Oh!FX's newest controller is designed especially for use with CO2 Jets to allow the user to see how much CO2 they have used or have remaining. 

      Programme the controller with 120s for a large CO2 Cylinder and then you can set the controller to either count down remaining time or up on how much has been used.

      This controller can also control the length of the burst by pre programming cues IE 3s. When the green button is held the jets will fire for 3 seconds then cut out. 

      As always this controller comes with a arm key to ensure safety on site.





      Oh FX 1 Channel CO2 Controller with Timer Specifications:

      Enter the amount (in time) of co2 inside your bottle and get info of the Time used or Time left.
      - Option to Set the Shooting Time.
      - Equipped with safety key.
      - Powercon input to meet any worldwide plug.
      - Over-current Thermal protector per phase.
      - Maximum 20A of resistive or 15A inductive load.

      Standard Delivery 1-4 weeks.
      For more information please call 0800 233 5353