GForce 1 Smoke Machine Hire

Hire from £50.00 per week

  • Product Description


      GForce 1 is the introductory smoke machine from Le Maitre and part of the GForce range of continuous-flow, water-based systems. Boasting core technology from G300, GForce 1 features a continuous smoke output and can be managed with either Variflow remote control for smoke amount control, or Varitime providing smoke duration, interval, and amount control (0-30 seconds and 0-20 minutes, respectively).

      Perfect for use in stage and film, sports, theme parks, and fire safety training. This smoke machine is designed to be reliable and efficient in a range of settings, ensuring superior performance in the most challenging of circumstances.


      • Maximum smoke output 19000 cbm/hr
      • Fluid consumption 0.75cc/s (cont); 3cc/s (burst) (112 mins/5L)
      • Standard and DMX models
      • Remote control options: Varitime & Variflow
      • Removable external bottle carrier
  • Price based on a 1 week hire.

    Please Contact us for hire availability, alternate options and shipping costs.