Tour Hazer II

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  • Product Description

      The Tour Hazer II is used on stages worldwide.

      Looking to fill the room with a fine Haze and want to enhance light effects? The Tour Hazer II is ideal for moving light shows and beam effects. It can produce a very fine haze through to a thick fog. The haze output and fan can be controlled separately via DMX.

      The Smoke Factory Tour Hazer II Fluid is water based and produces a clean haze plus allows for minimal consumption, only using 1ml per minute at 40% output. 5 litres of fluid provides 83 hours of use therefore 3.5 days of continuous haze. It can even be run for up to 5 days on lower settings off of only 5 litres!                                                                                             
      The device can be set up within just a few seconds after removing the case cover. It takes only 60 seconds to heat up and is ready for use.

      Another advantage due to the case design, is that it can be put into operation in almost any position. Only on the side with the fan inlet should the device not be tilted during operation. This means the Tour Hazer II can also be perfectly placed on small stages.

      With its variable air baffle, the Haze can be steered in the desired direction.

      Tour Hazer II Specifications:

      1500 watts
      240 V/50 Hz
      Permanent fog to 100%
      Warm-up time: 60 seconds
      Fluid consumption: 8.9 ml/min. (max. output) | 1.0ml/min. at 40% power
      5L of Fluid: 83 hours
      Control options: DMX 512, stand-alone, timer (integrated), analogue 0-10V   
      Dimensions: 55 x 26.5 x 41.5cm   
      Weight: 16.5kg

      Please allow 4-10 days for shipping. If you have any questions please call us on 0800 233 5353.