MagicFX Confetti Stadium Blaster

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  • Product Description

      The MagicFX Stadium Blaster is a DMX controlled CO2 powered confetti blaster which can launch a continuous flow of confetti up to 12-25m in the air.

      This confetti blaster is unique because unlike other blasters it doesn't require a technician to run the effect it can be run totally remotely via DMX enabling you to link multiple machines in sequence which is perfect for large events, festivals and tours. This machine can also be run as a manual effect like a traditional confetti blaster.

      This effect can use both vapour CO2 or Liquid CO2 to give the white plume effect alongside launching confetti. 

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      MagicFX Stadium Blaster Specifications

      • Control option: DMX, manual or 24v (pyro controllers)
      • Automatic confetti dosing
      • No operator needed
      • Easy and quick installation
      • Device built in Flight Case
      • 110-220v, perfect for touring
      • Size (LxWxH) 800x600x1730mm (closed case 1000mm)
      • Weight (KG) 84,3
      • Power 100-250VAC 50-60Hz
      • Control DMX512-A / RDM, Neutrik® 5 pole male/ female XLR
      • Consumption 10kgs Confetti, 1kg CO2 / 2 seconds
      • Optional rain cover available