CO2 Mini Confetti Blaster Hire

Hire from £70.00 per week

  • Product Description

      Hire our CO2 Mini Confetti Blaster to get the ultimate confetti effect. Powered by CO2, it shoots confetti quickly with a dramatic plume of gas, creating an unforgettable event.

      Similar to our XL CO2 Confetti Blaster, these can throw up to 10-12m launching 2kg of Confetti at a time. Perfect for small stages, indoor venues and marquees. 

      We can provide bulk confetti in nearly any shape and colour.

      LB Liquid Dip CO2 Cylinder
      60 x 50 x 45cm
      True1 Connection

      These units are shipped by pallet & can be collected by pallet after your hire is complete.

      Whats included in the CO2 Blaster Hire?

      Our rates are based on a 1 week hire of the Mini CO2 Confetti Blaster including the 10m CO2 hose, Cylinder connector and controller

      Please call us on 0800 233 53 53 for bespoke/long-term hire quotes.

      If you require specific information on which CO2 to purchase for your CO2 Blaster contact us

  • Price based on a 1 week hire.

    Please Contact us for hire availability, alternate options and shipping costs.