MagicFX Smoke Bubble Blaster - Bubble Machine

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  • Product Description

      The MagicFX Bubble Blaster is a big ass bubble machine producing 6,000 bubbles per minute whilst all being housed in its own flight case, perfect for gigs and touring!

      This bubble machine is designed for big stages and event halls making it both an indoor and outdoor effect. Its huge output creates a flurry of bubbles and even has a whole new special effect with the ability to create smoke filled bubbles! 

      This machine can use MagicFX Bubble Fluid Pro for producing standard bubbles only, or combined with MagicFX Smoke Bubble Blaster Smoke Fluid to create smoke filled bubbles.

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      Standard delivery 1-3 weeks

      MagicFX Smoke Bubble Blaster Specifications: 

      • 6000 bubbles per minute 
      • Create smoke filled bubbles 
      • Smoke machine integrated 
      • Control 5 or 10 bubble heads (50%-100%) 
      • Choose smoke filled or normal bubbles 
      • Projection fans speed adjustable 
      • Bubble and smoke cans storage in flight case 
      • Touring size case 
      • FX warning LED
      • PowerCon TRUE1 Cable included.
      • Size (LxWxH) 60cm x 80cm x 92cm
      • Weight (KG) 90
      • Voltage 220-240Vac / 50Hz
      • Power 600W
      • Control DMX512-A / RDM or Manual
      • Consumption Bubble fluid: 8,5 L/h, Smoke fluid: 0,275 L/h
      • Output 6.000 bubbles per minute
      • Warranty 3 YEARS