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Handheld Disposable T-Shirt Cannon Launcher

Handheld Disposable T-Shirt Cannon Launcher

Our handheld disposable single use t shirt cannon launchers are the easiest way to shoot t-shirts or other merchandising items to your audience.


Fill the open end of the T-Shirt cannon with 2 or 3 pre rolled and taped t-shirts and fire them up to 20-25 mts! No hassle of having to arrange a gas supply or reload CO2 Cylinders this is the perfect low volume solution to firing a few shirts or promo items at your event. 


It works just as a confetti handheld cannon firing with the twist of the base the only difference is the size and they are more powerful.


Size (LxWxH)  78 x 7,2 x 7,2 cm
Weight (KG) 0.65
Output 2-3 T-Shirts up to 25m

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